The Official Token of the First Sustainable High-Yield Gamified ROI Miner on Solana

Bake, Re-Bake, Eat

It’s That Simple!

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About The Baked Beans

Acquire Powerful Mining Upgrades, Participate in the Baked Beans Gaming Platform and Earn XP!

The Baked Beans Token is the Exclusive Currency Powering the Baked Beans on Solana Ecosystem and Mining Platform.

Throughout the life of the Platform, Community-Voted Security and Utility Upgrades will be Rolled-Out.

The Baked Beans Token and Baked Beans on Solana Miner are not associated or affiliated with the Bakehouse Baked Beans Miner on Binance

Buy-Back and Burn

The Buy Back and Burn feature is a crucial mechanism within the Baked Beans ecosystem designed to support the token’s value and reduce inflation.

Periodically, a portion of the Baked Beans Miner Fees are used to purchase Baked Beans Tokens from the market. These tokens are then permanently removed from circulation, or “burned.”

This process helps stabilize the token price by reducing supply, potentially increasing demand, and demonstrating a commitment to maintaining the token’s long-term value.

Baked Beans Store

Under Development

The Baked Beans Store is a key component of the Baked Beans ecosystem where investors can acquire Buffs, Gems, and other exclusive items to improve their mining operations.

Aimed at boosting daily APR and investor engagement, the store provides essential tools for increasing profitability and enriching the investment experience.

Items can be purchased using Baked Beans Tokens, making them vital for optimizing your investment returns.

Community Governance

Community Governance empowers the community to influence and vote on all development decisions and upgrades.

Upgrades in the Baked Beans ecosystem introduce significant improvements and new features to the mining operations.

These upgrades, which include system integrations and feature enhancements, are meticulously tested and approved by the community before implementation.

Security Upgrades

To keep our promise of ensuring our investors funds are safe and secure, we will incrementally be conducting security audits on all of our program contracts with reputable auditing firms.

Utility Upgrades

Learning from the mistakes of previous popular miners, and to ensure sustainability, we will be rolling out community-voted Utility Upgrades, with the aim of longevity and reward.


Buff System

Under Development

Buffs temporarily increase your investment performance within the Baked Beans ecosystem. 

There are Three types: 

Miner Booster Class: Increases daily APR/ROI

Referral Booster Class: Boosts referral link APR/ROI

Experience Booster Class: Increases XP Gains

Access these powerful tools through the Baked Beans Store or from a Can of Beans to optimize returns and investment strategy.

Debuff System

Under Development

Debuffs are modifications applied within our platform that temporarily adjust the rules or capabilities affecting user actions, typically as a means of maintaining balance, enforcing rules, or enhancing gameplay dynamics.

These debuffs can be categorized into two distinct types:

Local Debuffs: Automatically triggered by the system when specific conditions are met by individual users.

Global Debuffs: Applied manually by the platform’s management team and affect all users universally or a large segment of users.

The Baked Beans Development Pipeline features a leveling structure with upgrades, community-driven initiatives, and marketing campaigns.

Each level introduces new features and systems, all subject to community votes and rigorous security audits.

Note: Each level includes continuous community initiatives and marketing campaigns, integral to the development and success of the Baked Beans ecosystem.

This preliminary stage focuses on the initial launch of the Baked Beans Token, setting the foundation for subsequent developments.

Key Activities:

  • Token Issuance: The Baked Beans Token is officially released, enabling early adopters to acquire tokens.
  • Community Building: Establish a solid base of token holders and engage them with introductory webinars and Q&A sessions.
  • Initial Listings: Strive for listings on smaller crypto exchanges to boost visibility and accessibility.
  • Preliminary Marketing: Launch targeted social media campaigns and partnerships with key crypto influencers to generate buzz and draw initial interest.

Goals: Establish a robust market presence and foster a committed community to support future levels of development.

  • Launch: Activate the Baked Beans Miner with basic functionality to deposit Solana and earn daily APR interest.
  • Token Non-Integration: Tokens do not affect miner operations at this stage.
  • Visibility Efforts: Aim for token listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, and increase visibility through various marketing channels.
  • Marketing: Focus on digital ads, influencer partnerships, and presence in popular cryptocurrency channels to boost exposure.
  • Integration and Systems: Implement the Buff/Debuff system and integrate the Baked Beans Token to enhance functionality and user interaction.
  • Community Voting: Features and systems for this level are decided by community votes.
  • Marketing Focus: Increase efforts to attract new investors and token holders through strategic marketing highlighting the new features.
  • Store Launch: Roll out the Baked Beans Store with Gems and Buffs available for purchase, enhancing daily APR opportunities.
  • Community Engagement: Items in the store are chosen through community votes, increasing participation and investment.
  • Sustainable Marketing: Utilize success stories as a marketing tool to demonstrate the benefits and sustainability of the investment.
  • New Features: Introduce Cosmetic Themes and new Ability Features, adding mini-games for diverse profit strategies.
  • Security and Safety: Ensure all new features are secure and safe, with community involvement in the selection process.
  • Growth Marketing: Use the largest upgrade to date as a narrative for substantial growth in the crypto market and beyond.
  • Ongoing Development: Persist in adding new features, systems, and store items, continually enhancing the platform.
  • Community-Driven Updates: All updates remain subject to community votes, ensuring alignment with user interests.
  • Persistent Marketing: Maintain and expand marketing strategies to keep the project vibrant and growing in the competitive market.

Experience Point System

The Experience Point (XP) System is designed to incentivize user participation and engagement with the Baked Beans Miner platform.

This system rewards users for various platform interactions, enhancing user experience by allowing progression and increased rewards through accrued XP.

Eligibility and Selection

10 slots are reserved for the top token holders, ensuring that those with significant investments in the ecosystem are rewarded with early access.

The remaining 15 slots are allocated through the first Weekly Gamble event.